“For a moment, I thought I was seeing double!”

Did you ever look at a baseball player and think, “He reminds me of [fill in the blank]!” ? Of course you have. It happens all the time. This ‘Seeing Double’ feature is dedicated to such noteworthy resemblances.

One: Hank Greenberg/Luke Wilson

The resemblance struck me when I was reading Lawrence S. Ritter’s The Glory of Their Times and first saw a photograph of Hank Greenberg. He was pictured in a military uniform and suddenly scenes from “My Dog Skip” started flashing through my mind.

Two: Ryan Doumit/Alien

Maybe this isn’t a resemblance at all. Maybe Mr. Doumit is an extraterrestrial. I can think of no good argument which negates this possibility.

Three: Tom Gorzelanny/A Darling boy

Alright, so this one is almost certainly just me. But whenever I see Mr. Gorzelanny with that blank expression I instantly think of the Andy Griffith Show, and those stony faced Darlin’ boys.

More “Double Vision” to come in the future, folks. And suggestions are welcomed.


One thought on ““For a moment, I thought I was seeing double!”

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