Saying Goodbye: Jake Fox and Aaron Miles

Yesterday, the Cubs completed a transaction which sends Jake Fox and Aaron Miles to the Oakland A’s for relief pitcher Jeff Gray and two prospects. Consider this post my wave goodbye/hello hug.

Poor Aaron Miles had a dreadful year in ’09, as any begrudging Cubs fan could tell you. It seems fortunate that Jim Hendry was able to deal him. I felt for Mr. Miles during the year and he’s got my sincerest wishes for better luck as an ‘A.’

Jake Fox, I am actually pretty fond of. Everyone knew he was going to be traded, though, and I hope he’ll get the opportunities he deserves in Oakland. ‘Foxy’ was a likable fellow and he certainly knows how to hit. Since I seem to end up at a couple A’s games per year now, I’ll be seeing him around. 🙂

Fare thee well, Mr. Fox. Fare thee well, Mr. Miles.

Finally, I welcome Jeff Gray into the fold. Everybody knows that it’s bad luck to have three players named “Jeff” on one team. Now that we’ve got four, all our problems should be solved. Three Four cheers for Jeff Gray! May he pitch long and prosper!


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