Saying Goodbye: Rich Harden

I had cherished hopes that a “Saying Goodbye: Milton Bradley” post would be in order today. Instead today’s farewell is dedicated to a more favored fellow. Word has it that James Richard Harden will be a Texas Ranger just as soon as he passes a physical. Because he was a favorite of mine, I want Mr. Harden to have a proper sendoff. I wish him a future full of health, prosperity and Cy Young awards! Here are my reasons to love Rich Harden:

  1. He was nice to me.
  2. He is polite to rude people.
  3. We saw him twice in civilian clothing (August ’08, June ’09) and he was wearing the same shirt both times.
  5. His crooked little smirk is just adorable.
  6. He can pitch, too.

It’s something of a shame that Mr. Harden has to exit the  NL now, as his hitting prowess was just starting to come out. But congrats to Rangers fans… you’ve got a good one.