“He’s a male bimbo… he’s a mimbo.”

Welcome to the Fair Base Ballist’s countdown of the biggest “mimbos” in Major League Baseball! I am beyond pleased to bring you this list.  Many bloggers before me have compiled lists of  MLB’s most attractive players, or MLB players most attractive wives, etc., Those lists are always alienating and/or offensive to someone, or at least include some really alarming selections. The mimbo list, on the other hand, is great fun for everyone! I’ve narrowed my list to 12 players. I will reveal them four at a time in three installments.

Allow me to explain what characterizes a mimbo is the world of Major League Baseball, then we’ll get started. I used four simple criteria to decide my picks: attitude, hairstyle, hobbies (modeling, recording music, yoga, etc.,) and my own success in unearthing incriminating photographs. Now, without further ado, the first installment! Enjoy!

#12: Evan Longoria (Tampa Bay Rays) Photographic evidence was surprisingly hard to come by, but Mr. Longoria still made the list by the skin of his teeth. I just feel he belongs.

#11: Ryan Theriot (Chicago Cubs) I hate to include The Riot, but it must be done! It’s out of love, I promise.

#10: Chase Utley (Philadelphia Phillies) The term “Chutley” is actually a synonym for “mimbo.”

#9: Grady Sizemore (Cleveland Indians) Doomed by his boyish good looks.

More to come, ladies and gents. Look for the final two installments in the next week or so.


3 thoughts on ““He’s a male bimbo… he’s a mimbo.”

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