Hot Soup Report: “Soup, soup, a tasty soup.”

I don’t have much for you today. Think of it as a cuppa hot soup. had a “Cubs Rumors” post yesterday which was mostly concerned with our center field options. The few available free agents were mentioned, and Melky Cabrera’s name was in there. The name that made my heart skip a beat, however, was Brett Gardner.

Now, I know that life isn’t all roses and strawberry jam. No small part of me believes that a deal which would send “Squirrel” to Chicago is really going to happen. But as long as that deal remains in the realm of possibility (read: till the Cubs go out and sign Marlon Byrd) I’m allowed to dream.

Brett Gardner was a New Market Rebel in 2003 (coincidentally, the same year I became a serious fan.) It was a memorable summer. Our boys made it to a decisive game 5 in the Valley League championship series. They ended up falling against the powerhouse Winchester Royals, but fought hard to the bitter end (I’ll n’er forget it.) Brett was originally slated to return in 2004, but was prevented from doing so by injury.

I was listening when his name was called in the third round of the 2005 draft. My family and I kept track of him throughout his years in the minors. We rejoiced when he made his big league debut. We actually have his New Market road jersey. I’ll always be a huge Brett Gardner fan no matter who he plays for, but if he ever ends up on the Cubs… I don’t think anybody would be happier about it than I would. So until the Cubbies go sign Marlon Byrd or Scott Podsednik (knowing my luck it’ll be 23 minutes after I post this) I’m just gonna keep on dreaming.


4 thoughts on “Hot Soup Report: “Soup, soup, a tasty soup.”

  1. WOW, I didn’t know that the was a New Market Rebel!?

    Hopefully he continues to develop as a hitter (.270-280 avg would be nice); it really sucked when he broke his thumb last year. I love his base stealing ability (big duh) and hopefully the Yanks don’t trade him (sorry)!

  2. Well it looks like he will get the starting job in LF after the Melky trade. I was glad that the Yanks got a 4th starter to eat innings and pitch in the playoffs (if they get there) but I am worried about the outfield situation. Which outfielder will be able to hit consistently? Wish that Damon hadn’t backed himself into a corner with such high contract demands…

    • I hope he gets the starting job and never again relinquishes it… I’ll be watching spring training with my pom-poms on.

      You are worried about the Yanks’ outfield problems? Haha… wanna trade? I’ll take the Yankees outfield problems and you can have the Cubs outfield problems. And infield problems… And pitching problems…

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