“He’s a mimbo, I know that… but he’s my mimbo”

Welcome to the continuation of The FBB’s Mimbo list! Today we count down numbers eight through five; the mimbos are growing mimboey-er! If you missed the first installment, never fear. Just click here. Enjoy part two!

#8: Jose Reyes (New York Mets) Smiles and giggles and handshakes with wiggles, that’s what Jose Reyes is made of!

#7: Cole Hamels (Philadelphia Phillies) Of all the major league cities, Philadelphia might have the most fertile ground for mimbos. Mr. Hamels leads the pack as far as on-the-field mimbo-ness goes. (Just see the photo.)

#6: David Wright (New York Mets) The Zac Ephron of baseball players.

#5: CJ Wilson (Texas Rangers) Mr. Wilson defies the conventions of the relief pitching role. It is probably the least glamorous role in baseball and does not, therefor, attract many mimbos. Yet Mr. Wilson can mimbo with the mimboey-est of them.


5 thoughts on ““He’s a mimbo, I know that… but he’s my mimbo”

    • Err… uh-oh. I was thinking Jeter was too classy to be considered a mimbo, although had I judged him solely on his Avon products, he surely could have been number one. Maybe I’m wrong?
      Seriously, the way I see it, Derek Jeter is actually cool, and all the players I picked as my top four just think they are.

  1. LAUGHS! Ah yes, his Avon products are surely the best way to judge his Mimbo-ness. You have no idea how much that sentence has made my afternoon…

    But on a serious note, don’t you think his head looks like a bobble-head?

    I love and will miss him once he retires, but Mr Jeter cannot deny how massive that melon really is.

    I cannot wait to see the top 4.

    Good day!

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