One of those periodic link posts: Dirk Hayhurst Edition

I am running out of sharable links as quickly as I am good audio clips this off-season.  Somehow, though, I have collected quite the surplus of of Dirk Hayhurst related items, which is why today’s post is dedicated entirely to that gentleman.

I was introduced to Mr. Hayhurst (currently a pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays) and his garfoose (a mythical fire-breathing half giraffe, half moose) through Twitter. I’ve come to find him an original, funny and genuinely admirable human being. Mr. Hayhurst’s fans are eagerly anticipating the March 30th release of his first book, The Bullpen Gospels: Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran (you can pre-order it now on Amazon and elsewhere. I would do it if I were you.)

If I can, in some small way, spread the great enjoyment I’ve gotten from Mr. Hayhurst (and the garfoose) I will be happy. The linkage follows… click away.

The FAN 590 Toronto radio interview: Listen to the man himself discuss his book, Roy Halladay, the garfoose, etc.,

Another interview, but the kind you have to read

Get a sample of Mr. Hayhurst, the author: Thank you, Baseball America

Word of the Christmas-time snow and cookie garfoose contest made its way around the internet. Yes, the snow garfoose pictured is the one constructed by my siblings and I.

Read about the origins of the garfoose. Thank you, random Tampa Bay Rays blog.

Because I don’t trust everyone to actually click on all these links, I’m just going to go ahead and insert this video right in the post. All you have to do is press play. So DO IT.

In case I missed anything, you can just stop by Mr. Hayhurst’s own website. That should cover it.


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