Wild stats can’t be broken…

Due to the lack of linkies/brainpower, I am going to start sharing interesting facts, trivia, stats, etc., on Mondays. Enjoy! (That’s an order.)

Ever heard of a pitcher by the name of Jack Taylor? Me either. But Mr. Taylor holds an impressive major league record. In fact, I’d go so far as to call it the record least likely to be broken in all of baseball. There are a number of records not likely to ever be touched (Cy Youngs 511 career wins, for instance) but I guarantee that Mr. Taylor’s record for most consecutive complete games will stand forever (or at least until the practice of using robots to play baseball is instituted.) How many consecutive complete games did he have? 188. Yup, that’s right: one hundred and eighty eight. From June 20th, 1901 until August 9th, 1906 Jack Taylor did not once fail to complete the game he started. Mr. Taylor retired with 278 complete games and an ERA of 2.66.

And I thought Roy Halladay throwing 2 in a row was impressive…


3 thoughts on “Wild stats can’t be broken…

  1. That is the most insane stat that I have ever read.

    Not even kidding.

    188 consecutive complete games. I am baffled as to why I have never heard this one? Thanx for passing it along though : )

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