The Hot Wire Sandwich: “I brought you a tuna sandwich. They say it’s brain food. I guess because there’s so much dolphin in it, and you know how smart they are.”

Think of this post as a sort of current event round-up. It’s a sandwich of everything that has happened lately. And, yes… I do like comparing baseball events to food.

-The biggest item that everyone has been buzzing about is Mark McGwire’s steriod confession. I haven’t been tuned in to the noise, but did read this article by Joe Posnanski (I’m glad I did. I thought it was excellent.) I’m in agreement with pretty much all of Mr. Posnanski’s points… let’s just forgive Mr. McGwire and move on, and let him move on.

The only thing that bothers me is that it took him so long to make these admissions. Wouldn’t the pain and embarrassment have been less if he’d done it years ago, anyway? Look at guys like Andy Pettitte and Brian Roberts. They both faced up to the charges and apologized as soon as their respective steroid usage became public knowledge. Now, I don’t think anyone has a thing bad to say about either of them. (Granted, the weight of Mr. McGwire’s accomplishments is greater. But I still believe that had he come right out and faced the situation like a man, folks would be more forgiving than they are now.) The persistent lying almost became worse than the original crime. I am glad that Mr. McGwire did finally decide to come clean and I hope that others will follow suit (*Cough-SammySosaRogerClemens-Cough!*)

-Buried beneath the Mark McGwire commotion was a smaller bit of news that brightened my day. Hearing that the Cubs had hired Greg Maddux as a special assistant to the GM brought me great joy. I barely even know what it means, but as a shameless Maddux admirer, I am thrilled to have him back in the Cubs organization in any capacity.

-So, Randy Johnson formally announced his retirement from pitching. The sad thing is how close I was to writing, “He was such a great player, it’s a shame I never got to see him pitch in person.” I thought those words. Fortunately, I remembered that I actually did see him pitch in person. Embarrassment averted!

-Cuban defector/supposed pitcher extraordinaire Aroldis Chapman signed with the Reds this week. I guess I’m a bit of a Chapman skeptic, or maybe it’s just that I don’t care for the man (one of these days I’m going to write up a list of the players I think could use a good slap in the face.) I was going to wish Cincinnati sarcastic luck, but I’m sure that it would come back to bite me. I might get bitten anyway. We’ll see.

-The 25th annual Cubs Convention kicks off TOMORROW! Expect coverage, miles away though I may be.


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