“Shoulda started Webman.”

I just want to note that this could be a weird week. I didn’t plan too well over the weekend due to busy-ness and trifling preoccupations (sometimes watching hockey and decorating a baseball card album with stickers is more fun than studious blog preparation, OK?)

Last week we learned about the remarkable consecutive complete games streak of obscure pitcher Jack Taylor. This time we’re going to go about a thousand miles in the opposite direction. What follows are some of the worst single game pitching performances in the history of baseball…

-Ed Rommel, a pitcher for the Philadelphia A’s from 1920-1932, once pitched 17+ innings against Cleveland in relief of started Lew Krauss. Krauss got knocked out in the first frame, and the game lasted 18. The A’s only had two pitchers present as that was all team owner Connie Mack had deemed necessary for a 1-game road trip. Rommel allowed 29 hits but also got credit for the victory (the A’s won 18-17. )

-On July 24, 1882, Cleveland sent an outfielder named Dave Rowe to the mound against Chicago. He was thoroughly abused, allowing 29 hits and 35 runs.

-Jack Wadsworth is reckoned to be one of the worst major league pitchers of all time. He had a career record of 6-38, complimented by a 6.58 ERA. On August 17, 1894, he was massacred by a Philadelphia squad, allowing 29 runs on 36 hits.

-I saved the best for last… the following is an excerpt from the book Baseball’s Most Wanted by Floyd Conner.

On June 15, 1902, the Corsicana Oilers walloped the Texarkana Tigers 51-3 in a Texas League game. Pitcher C.B. DeWitt (who also owner the team) was shellacked for fifty-one runs and fifty-three hits. He surrendered twenty-one homeruns, eight of them to Nig Clarke.


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