“My kind of town, Chicago is- my kind of people, too- People who smile at you.”

As promised, this is my post dedicated to the 25th annual Cubs Convention, which took place this past weekend. All of my information has been gleaned from various locales across the web. Basically, I have attempted to pick out all the highlights and arrange them here in one convenient location. For your pleasure.

-WGN radio provides an nice assortment of audio from the Convention’s various interview panels, as well as some condensed videos and some photos. See ’em all here.

-Allow me to offer a quick congratulations to Mike Fontenot, who, according to the Tribune, became engaged this off-season. The only thing more precious than engagements is new babies.

-When asked who on the team would shake things up now that Milton Bradley is gone, Ted Lilly replied that he’d be willing to assume that role. Oh, Ted…

-Though few apparently noticed, Carlos Silva was present. Good for him!

Andre Dawson basically came out and said that he prefers to wear a Cubs cap when he is enshrined in baseball’s Hall of Fame this year. What else would one expect him to say at what is basically a big, infectious Chicago love fest?

-One session not recorded by WGN was “Down on the Farm,” the one featuring Cubs prospects. This is a shame as I would dearly have loved to hear it. Fortunately, the meat of the thing is covered thoroughly on ChicagoCubsOnline.com. The panel included minor-leaguers Andrew Cashner, Welington Castillo, Brett Jackson and James Adduci as well as scouting director Tim Wilken and VP of player personnel Oneri Fleita.

-I found this mildly entertaining video on YouTube. Half of it consists of long-winded introductions, but I was amused by how uncomfortable the pitchers look during that time.

-Perhaps the biggest buzz coming out of the whole convention was over Geovany Soto. Our catcher looked to be in splendid shape and says he has dropped 40 pounds. Geo’s attitude was also encouraging. He seems ready to rebound in 2010 after his disappointing sophomore effort.


Sellout crowd!

From left- Ryne Sandberg, Billy Williams, Ernie Banks and man-of-the-hour Andre Dawson. According to attendees, Mr. Dawson received the loudest ovations of anyone there.

LOOK, MY UNCLE DAN WAS AT THE CONVENTION!!!! Signing autographs…? Oh… wait. Sorry. That’s new team owner Tom Ricketts.

I listened to the audio from this pictured session and was initially perturbed by all the female fans (and even the host) who kept telling the players how good-looking they were. When I saw photos, however, I couldn’t help but agree. In fact, I thought that every person I saw in videos/pictures looked fantastic (except Jeff Baker. But he just really doesn’t photograph well.)

D-Lee, of course, always looks great.

The new, svelte Geovany Soto.

And two more you have to click on:

I really really wonder what the deal is with this one. What is going on here?

First thing out of Ryan Dempster’s mouth: Is this vodka?


4 thoughts on ““My kind of town, Chicago is- my kind of people, too- People who smile at you.”

  1. I loved this post! And I loved the video with Sam Fuld, Theriot, Dempster, etc. Quite funny! There is a bit of resemblance between Uncle Dan and Mr. Rickett. Thanks for sharing all the fun! 🙂

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