Whaddaya know about that?

In typical fashion, my post from this morning became obsolete within a couple of hours. Ben Sheets just signed with the Oakland A’s (I don’t understand 90% of what that organization does.) And more notably (to me, that is), the Cubbies just agreed to a deal with Xavier Nady, pending a physical. According to Ken Rosenthal the physical is not just a “formality.” Mr. Nady’s recent injury history is not good, so I suppose the whole thing could go up in smoke. I am not going to be cautious or superstitious, though. I am just going to go ahead and say: Welcome to Chicago, Xavier Nady. I will have even more fun doodling your name now that you’re a Cub.


2 thoughts on “Whaddaya know about that?

  1. Moneyball and the World Series that the A’s won…

    Oops! Only Moneyball has really proven how superior Billy Beane and the A’s organization really is. Just give this signing some time and you will see the wisdom of the mighty Mr. Beane. Signing Giambi last year would have worked if…

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