“Quite exciting, this computer magic!”

Here are a few links to help you start the week off right.

-The New York Times ran a good piece on Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster and his baby daughter. The young Miss Dempster is afflicted with a rare disorder called DiGeorge syndrome. Read up, if you have a heart.

-As someone who gets excited when there is a baseball question on Jeopardy!, I quite enjoyed this post from Yahoo’s Big League Stew.

The best sporting event played yesterday wasn’t football, y’all.

-I imagine everyone is aware of the little snow storm that sashayed through much of the eastern United States over the weekend. You might suppose that I, being very much snowed in, might have taken the opportunity to get a lot of blog writing/preparation done. *Cough.* Not so much. Instead, I contributed to helping my garfoose attired sister “breathe fire.” No, really.


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