Linktastic Monday!

Once again, here are a collection of noteworthy links to help you start the day and week off right. Now that the spring season has finally dawned, they are pouring in. recently ran a “Path Of The Pros” piece on Ted Lilly and it’s a must-read. Apparently while he was in the minors, Ted used to play wiffle-ball every day and babysat for one of his managers. For realsies.

Though the diamonds where many of us live are still blanketed in snow, a lot of college seasons are well underway. And a couple Rebels alumni are making noise. Give me a chance to brag on any of those guys, and I’ll do it!

PA Announcer Tim Sheridan’s Boys of Spring blog is unrivaled as far as Cubs spring training coverage goes. Tim keeps us up to date on all the goings-on (trivial and otherwise) and has great photos. Everyone should have Boys of Spring bookmarked.

Mariano Rivera offers an update to Satchel Paige’s famous rules for staying young. You can’t read this whole article unless you’re an “ESPN Insider” (psshhh!) but you get the idea.

It’s common knowledge by now, but the Cubs won their arbitration case against Ryan Theriot. Fortunately, both sides seem to have emerged from the experience unscathed. The Riot reported to camp on Saturday and addressed both the coming season and shortstop-of-the-future Starlin Castro.

I am adding this at the last minute… very sad story about Cubs’ relief pitcher Angel Guzman.


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