Clickerific Monday!

It’s Monday! You know what that means… time to hit the links.

I was going to include this on Thursday, but forgot to add it to the mix. Big League Stew and have since covered it. I almost beat them to the punch! Anyway, what it is a piece about a 19-year-old Japanese girl who pitches professionally in her native land. She throws knuckle-balls and got some tutelage from her hero, Boston’s Tim Wakefield. As one whose interest is always piqued by girl ball players AND by knucklers, you have to know I was delighted with this fusion of the two. Read it.

-Cubs beat reporter Bruce Levine answered an array of questions in a live chat on Friday. You can read it all here.

-Speaking of that live-chat… a mysterious “Lizzy K” from Virginia asked a question about Marlon Byrd. Lizzy, you see, has started to feel pretty good about the Cubs’ new center-fielder and wanted to know Mr. Levine’s opinion. The answer: Unbelievable so far. He seems like a great teammate and an instinctively bright baseball player. Just pointing out to Randy Wells yesterday that he was tipping his change-up tells me this guy is really on the ball.

Perhaps Miss “K” was influenced by this article from the Tribune?

-Did you watch the Tim Lincecum video I linked to last week? I’m mentioning it again, just in case.

It seems the folks at Topps aren’t quite as clever as they think when it comes to photo-shopping!

Very sad news for the Cubs’ Angel Guzman… a ligament tear in his right shoulder could end the 28-year-old’s pitching career. He now faces the difficult decision of whether or not to undergo surgery. Hugs and prayers and best wishes for him!


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