“Into the crystal ball I glimpse…”

Every year, Baseball Digest runs a list of “Predictions For Fun” in its season preview issue. It aims to guess who will win the various awards and titles in each league. The Sporting News has something similar. I have been inspired by their examples, and have formulated some of my own predictions… for fun, of course.

Batting Champ

Baseball Digest: Ichiro Suzuki / Albert Pujols

Me: Joe Mauer / Hanley Ramirez

Home Run Title

BD: Mark Teixeira / Prince Fielder

Me: Mark Teixeira / Ryan Howard

RBI Leader

BD: Evan Longoria / Ryan Howard

Me: Mark Teixeira / Albert Pujols

Comeback Player of the Year

BD: Josh Hamilton / Jose Reyes

Me: Jake Peavy / Jose Reyes (I don’t want to say that. But I can’t think of anybody else I DO wanna say. Boo.)


BD: Mark Teixeira / Chase Utley

Sporting News: Joe Mauer / Albert Pujols  (Real original, guys.)

Me: Mark Teixeira / Albert Pujols

Wins Leader

BD: Jon Lester / Roy Halladay

Me: CC Sabathia / Roy Halladay

ERA Champ

BD: Cliff Lee / Chris Carpenter

Me: Felix Hernandez / Dan Haren

Strikeout King

BD: Jake Peavy / Tim Lincecum

Me: Justin Verlander / Tim Lincecum

Saves Leader

BD: Jonathan Papelbon / Francisco Rodriguez

Me: Mariano Rivera / Jonathan Broxton

Cy Young

BD: Felix Hernandez / Roy Halladay

SN: Felix Hernandez / Tim Lincecum

Me: Felix Hernandez / Roy Halladay (I’d rather say someone random, like Ubaldo Jiminez.)

Rookie of the Year

SN: Austin Jackson / Stephen Strasburg

Me: Michael Brantley / Jason Heyward

Manager of the Year

SN: Don Wakamatsu / Bobby Cox

Me: Don Wakamatsu / Bruce Bochy


2 thoughts on ““Into the crystal ball I glimpse…”

    • Anna somehow keeps getting free subscriptions to Baseball Digest. I think I did know you could see it online, though. I remember going through all the Player Profiles awhile back.

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