Saying Goodbye: Andres Blanco

I was going to put up a little Hot Wire Sandwich post, but everything I wrote over the weekend seems outdated already. So instead of giving you a cold sandwich, I’m dedicating today’s post to departed infielder Andres Blanco.

It’s a shame Andres couldn’t stick around. He was great fun to watch in the field. He was a little bit vacuum cleaner, a little bit octopus. I mean, who can forget THIS?

Andres didn’t really fit anywhere on this year’s club, but it’s always a bit sad to have to say goodbye to a walking web gem… not to mention one with a munchkin chipmunk face.

Fare thee well, Senor Blanco! We wish nice things for you in Texas.


3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye: Andres Blanco

  1. That was seriously one of the most amazing SS plays I’ve ever seen. I’ll miss Blanco, too. Although I understand why he was traded, I’m still a little nervous about relying on Fontenot to play (presumably) most of the time at second base AND back up Theriot as shortstop. I guess they could call up Darwin Barney at some point, but they’ll have to send someone else down – possibly Tyler Colvin.

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