Remember how I was supposed to have a “surprise” a week or  so ago? Well, better late than never, eh?

Earlier this month I was asked to write a guest post for The Cub Reporter (a very reputable Cubs blog) by the very kind Rob G., while he was on vacation. As luck would have it, the site crashed the day I was to have posted. But never fear, for today (happily) you can at last read my  guest piece over at TCR. Please do!

Many thanks are due to Rob G. for the honor of the invitation! And remember, everyone, that I told you (whenever that was) that this was more exciting for me than you.


7 thoughts on “Surprise!

  1. Well, I at least thought it was a funny post. Plus it introduced me to a funny, new (to me) Cubs blog…particularly one with a collegiate summer wood bat league twist.

    So what would your prediction for Andres Blanco had been?

    • Thanks so much! I really do appreciate the kind words…

      I have no idea what I would have said about Blanco, honestly. Haha… I guess I didn’t envision him on the team, because I didn’t have anything written for him.

      • Andres Blanco Preview:

        During interleague game agains the Cubs on May Blanco dives and makes a spectacular grab of a two-hopper into the hole, and even has enough time to taunt Jim Hendry who is watching from the press box before throwing out Ryan Theriot at first. Distracted by watching himself run up the baseline on the big Texas-sized screen at the Ballpark at Arlington, Theriot turns an ankle and pulls up lame.

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