Seeing Double: The Return

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a ‘Seeing Double’ post. I thought it was time for a comeback. And, as always, I welcome new ideas!


Vicente Padilla : A Toad

No disrespect to Mr. Padilla, but… seriously. He has a toad face.

Jake Peavy : Jeremy Renner

OK, so I stole this one from Yahoo’s Big League Stew. I didn’t even see             The Hurt Locker.

Josh Hamilton : Will Patton

I saw Armageddon not too long ago, and couldn’t get this resemblance out of my head.

David Eckstein : Clint Barmes

From the baseball players-who-look-like-each other file.


Of course, maybe it’s just me.


4 thoughts on “Seeing Double: The Return

  1. Now I know why I’ve never really liked Clint Barmes even though he’s never really done anything to inspire that distaste.

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