Linkmazing Monday!

Cue the trumpets and release the doves, because Opening Day has arrived at last! I don’t have anything special to celebrate this holiday, just your usual Monday morning linkage.

Happy Opening Day, everyone, and Go Cubs!

Catching prospect Chris Robinson is a little paranoid.

Young ‘pen pitchers Justin Berg and James Russell had to upgrade their wardrobes now that they’re major leaguers. Said Justin, “It takes a lot for me to do something like that. I didn’t like spending that amount of money.”  … A man after my own heart!

Marlon Byrd was yesterday announced to be this year’s blogger.

-What needs to go down for the Cubs to make the post-season? ESPN’s Gene Wojciechowski lays out what is mostly obvious.

-FBB favorite Dirk Hayhurst did an interview with NPR last week which I highly recommend giving a listen. Oddly, three different people who called in to the show live within about a 25-minute driving distance from my house. The woman from Shenandoah County even mentions my beloved New Market Rebels (although she couldn’t remember their name and mistakenly refers to them as a minor league team.) Local bias aside, you really should hear the interview. And stay tuned tomorrow for my full review of Dirk Hayhurst’s book!


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