Week In Review

The highs, lows, heroes, villains, and victims of Opening week…

Outstanding glovinessIt only took Mark Buehrle one start to rope himself another gold glove.

Whoopsy The Giants’ Eugenio Velez fell victim to a classic spelling error.

“Sigh” Young Award – Rich Harden, in his first start for the Texas Rangers, went 3.2 innings with 5 walks, 8 strikeouts, and a hit batsman. Sigh, indeed.

A Lesson Learned The Brewers’ Jeff Suppan will hopefully travel with his own pillow from now on.

A Little Broadcastin’-Love For – Texas TV guy Josh Lewin.

Jason Heyward – Uhh, yeah. He’s pretty good.

As for the Cubs – Sniff, cough, sputter… at least we eked out that last one!

-Superhero of the Week: Sean Marshall made three appearances out of the ‘pen, facing 13 batters and retiring every last one of them. Get the man a cape!

-Headed in the Right Direction: TyLeR cOlViN!!1!!! Also, Esmailin Caridad doesn’t scare me yet. So that seems like a good thing.

-Pats on the back for: Ryan Dempster, Randy Wells, Marlon Byrd.

-Kitten-Eaters* of the Week: Jeff Samardzija and John Grabow.

*Because their play has inspired fans to speak of them in terms which average folks would probably reserve for more heinous deeds… eating kittens, mutilating baby bunnies, mugging nuns, etc.,

I’ll see you guys next week… it should be a little more normal around here by them.


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