Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home

The Cubs home opener is this afternoon, and while the team itself may not be as polished and promising as we’d like, Wrigley Field is all spiffed up and looking lovely as ever. The Sun-Times offered the following photos of some of the changes and upgrades Wrigley has undergone during the last few months…

The backside of the scoreboard has been restored to “1937 condition.” Looks smashing to me.

Newly renovated ladies room… what did they do, exactly?

The newly renovated (and much-talked-of) mens restroom. *Cough* Moving on…

Clearly this photo has nothing to do with Wrigley’s upgrades. I guess the photographer just thought it was a cool & artsy shot.

Expanded Captain Morgan’s Club.

Batting cage under the right field bleachers… Looks like they did wonders with the place.

New window looking into the outfield batting cage.

Updated clubhouse kitchen. Shiny!

Players’ fridge, now stocked with more healthy snacks.

Bison meatball sandwich, one of the new concessions available to fans. Why can’t we get pickles and apple juice like the players?

Click here for a decent video tour of the renovations, courtesy the Tribune.


2 thoughts on “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home

  1. Wait a second…in the player’s fridge it appears that Mike Fontenot has writtten him name on all the Danimals mini-yogurt cups on top. And I think I see a smushy, rotten banana in the back there by Grabow’s apple juice.

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