The Picture Game: “He looks like an angel. A dead angel.”

The object of The Picture Game is simple! Create a situation/caption based on the baseball player’s facial expression in his profile photo. Is he in pain? Tired? Bloated? Intoxicated? The more creative the better. And there are enough horrible pictures to keep the game going for all eternity!


Jose Valverde – “Jose Valverde” is only a pseudonym. This man is, in reality, Lord Licorice (from Candyland.)

Lance Berkman – This expression is the very reason why Lance never, ever wins at Texas Hold ‘Em.

Chase Headley – Watching his yacht sink, knowing that his favorite pair of slippers are on board.

Ubaldo Jiminez – Watching as his one true beloved disappears into the distant horizon carrying the single white rose he gave her while a stirring score swells.

Jeff Baker – Was just in the middle of telling the photographer how it always looks like he’s in the middle of a sentence in pictures.

Jorge Posada – Is shopping for ink cartridges with his sister.

Jeff Francoeur – Actually, this might be one of the best of these that I’ve ever seen.


As always, feel free to chime in!


3 thoughts on “The Picture Game: “He looks like an angel. A dead angel.”

  1. Lance Berkman- “How yoooouuuu doooin?”

    Chase Headley- “Hey Chase, are you paying attention?” Chase, “Meow, meow,meow…”

    Jorge Posada- “Hip, hip what? That’s what I thought sucka!”

    Jeff Francoeur- “Jeff Francoeur for Congress… Paid for by Chaotic-Mets Front Office.” *side note* We need something positive to build from…

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