“What’s happening? No! No! It cannot be!”

I’m writing something up spur of the moment today, which I do not like to do, but which the circumstances call for. Following yesterday’s announcement that Carlos Zambrano would be moved to the bullpen indefinitely, it would look silly to go on with the material I had prepared. So I’m going to be current for once.

Now that the news about Z has had time to sink in, I can’t say I like it much more than I did at the very first. But I think (I hope) I’ve been able to gain a bit of perspective on it now. As long as the situation is temporary, I will be OK with it. Our bullpen really does need something… anything… to whip it into shape. If this move will help do that until a more suitable candidate can be found, that’d be grand. I’m happy to see that Z seemed to be having a good attitude about it (I think his was better than mine, in fact.)

If we are looking at this as a long term solution, then I find it wrong in every way. He may have his problems, but Z is no set-up man. I don’t have to recite any numbers. We all know he’s better than that. It would be a horrible waste to leave a pitcher of Z’s caliber in the ‘pen. He’s an All-Star! He throws complete game shutouts and no-hitters! I am grieved just considering that we won’t have his bat in the line-up every fifth day.

Some people are thinking that this move foreshadows a trade to come. This is a possibility that I am not going to speculate on for the simple reason that I just do not want to. Perhaps you have noticed, but speculation is not a cherished hobby of mine. I’ll take the wait-and-see approach, thank you.

I don’t really have anything further to say (not that I’ve said much to begin with) other than I would like to thank the Twittering world for making this whole thing not only tolerable, but pretty darn entertaining. I’ve taken the liberty of extracting a few of yesterday’s tweets that made me titter.

@thecubreporter Does anybody really REALLY think Zambrano will be the set-up guy for long? Look how long Byrd lasted as leadoff man v. lefties. #Cubs

@OldHossRadbourn In other Cub news, D. Lee named “Official Pinch Hitter” “because of his stuff.”

@redeyesportsguy He ate Zambrano. The bullpen story was a cover. RT @Aisle424 You know why Carlos Silva is so fat? He eats innings. Hiyooo!!!

@keithlaw Uh … got nothin’. RT @sitrick2: @keithlaw Please, if possible, explain the logic of moving Zambrano to the bullpen.

@thecubreporter Can they move Soriano to the pen next? I don’t want him to pitch, just sit there during the games.

@Adambuckled If Z is moving to the pen, he should learn to play 2nd, too. #Cubs need his bat just as badly as his arm at this point.

@AriBall Steve Stone: “People are now going to be asking for the Carlos Zambrano set-up contract.”

@bigleaguestew: recap: The Cubs are paying $19 million to a bad DH to play LF and $19 million to a long reliever. Jim Hendry for Mayor!

@plamorte NL Central Setup Men: Masset, Hawkins, Donnelly, McClellan, Lyon and….Zambrano.

@AriBall You guys, we should also move Justin Verlander to the bullpen. 6.88 ERA after three starts. He’s not rebounding from that.

@baseballjen Some good suggestions here. We could move Santo back to 3rd, Trammell to SS, Sandberg to 2nd, Maddux to pitch…

@bigleaguestew So to recap: Carlos Silva still in the Cubs rotation. Carlos Zambrano not. I predicted this all along.

@Aisle424: Next move: Chad Tracy to take over 3rd so Aramis Ramirez can improve the bench depth.

Perhaps you didn’t hear, but Carlos will be assuming the back-up catcher’s role, as well.


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