Wildcard Wednesday: “If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there.”

Happy Wednesday! Here’s your weekly random stuff:

This day in history…

-Florence Nightingale born, 1820

-Yankee legend Lawrence “Yogi” Berra born, 1925

-Actor Mackenzie Astin (the guy from “Iron Will.” Everyone has seen “Iron Will,” right???) born, 1973

-Philadelphia A’s pitcher Chief Bender no-hit the Cleveland Indians, 1910

-1500 Jews were gassed in Auschwitz, 1942

-The Cubs Sam Jones became the first black man to pitch a no-hitter in the major leagues, 1955

-Brooklyn’s Carl Erskine pitched a no-hitter against the New York Giants, 1956

Ernie Banks hit his 500th home run, 1970


Rob Iracane had a thought-provoking piece over at Walkoff Walk recently…  Why Is It Always Minority Players Suffering From Lack of Hustle?

Yahoo’s Jeff Passan takes a look at some of the phenoms that have been popping up around baseball, including Starlin Castro, Jason Heyward, Stephen Strasburg, and Aroldis Chapman.

Another Cubs Blog ran a decent Starlin Castro-ey post. I don’t agree with all of it, but there are some good points here.

One more, from A League of Her Own. This post kills, like, 10 birds with one stone. That’s hard to do…


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