Seeing Double: The Next Chapter

Who’s ready for another edition of “Seeing Double???” I know I am. I wish I could find enough look-a-likes to do this all the time, I really do. Suggestions welcome, as always.


Matt Cain : Bobby Hill

Seriously. Imagine Matt Cain as an animated child and Bobby Hill is exactly what you get.

Lou Gehrig : Baldwin brothers

I almost don’t like making this comparison. Because obviously Lou Gehrig is way cooler than all the Baldwins put together. But… here it is, anyway.

Sean Marshall : John Churchill

I’m sure you all saw the Lifetime original movie “Amish Grace” and were thinking the exact thing as me… “That guy who is about to shoot the Amish children looks exactly like Sean Marshall!”

Justin Morneau : Matt Damon

Just to be clear, Matt Damon reminds me of Justin Morneau, NOT the other way around. There is a difference.



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