“The cautious seldom err.”

I am not a superstitious person. I don’t carry around rabbits feet or look for four-leaf clovers. I don’t have a horseshoe hanging from my rear view mirror. And, no. I do not believe that a goat has anything to do with the Chicago Cubs championship drought.

I’m all for good fun and tradition, which is why you might see me in a rally cap from time to time, and why I won’t say the words “no-hitter” when one is in progress. But no part of me really believes that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.

And yet…. I do have one silly habit. Let’s call it a habit, or a practice. Or a ritual, even. Let’s not call it a superstition. As Barney Fife would say, I’m not superstitious, I’m just cautious. (Cough-cough.) Unless one should happen to be on FOX, I watch every Cubs game using MLB.tv on my computer. The computer is the way I stay connected to my team. So… traditionally, if the Cubs aren’t doing so well, I have to change my desktop background. That’s it. That’s my “habit.” Three game losing streak? Uh-oh. Gotta change that wallpaper. I have been doing this for several years.

This year, though, I have run into a problem. I will tell you right now that I haven’t touched my desktop for several weeks. Though the Cubs have had some serious problems during that period, but I can’t let myself pick a new wallpaper. You can blame me for all the Cubs woes if you’d like. It isn’t like me to turn my back on the team… but I have an excuse.

My current background is this photo taken from when the Cubs players all took a little field trip to the Blackhawks game. I put this up for my wallpaper because (A. Don’t they all look so sweet in their hockey jerseys? And (B. I thought it was a nice blend of my baseball team and my hockey team. Since their seasons are overlapping (quite a bit, happily) I thought it appropriate and convenient to celebrate them both at the same time with a single desktop photo.

So the thing is, though the Cubs have been mediocre under the current desktop regime, the Blackhawks have been super. Super enough to make it to the stinkin’ STANLEY CUP FINALS. If I change the photo to help the Cubs, I risk jeopardizing the Hawks run. And I obviously can’t do that. Remember, it’s all about caution.

But I have a real good feeling. I can foresee a very desirable string of events. One way or the other, the Hawks season is going to end pretty soon. Lord willing, it will end with Jonathan Toews hoisting that shiny silver mass above his head and great joy in Chicagoland (and in one New Market, VA, living room.) After that happens, I’ll bet you anything that the hockey team will be showing up at a game in Wrigley Field. And I’ll bet you that they’ll all have on their custom Cubs jerseys. And I’ll bet you there will be a nice big photo of the aforementioned team in their aforementioned jerseys.

Guess what my new wallpaper is going to be then? Can you say reversal of fortunes?

Please remember, though. I’m not superstitious. Just cautious.


One thought on ““The cautious seldom err.”

  1. I love it! That picture has been my background ever since you gave me the link a while back. It is the best of both worlds! 🙂 Go Hawks and Go Cubbies! (I’d love to have the reverse happen and have the picture too)

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