Series Preview: The Pirates who don’t do anything (except against the Cubs)

The Cubs are set to start a three game set in Pittsburgh this afternoon at 1 PM ET. Here’s a little looksy at what might be going down at PNC Park.

It grieves me that the time has finally come where we actually have to think twice about facing the Pirates. I can feel the world crumbling around me! Let’s try and keep our heads though. Who says that the Cubs 1-5 record versus the Bucs in 2010 doesn’t have to be a fluke? They have improved some from the past several years, but Pittsburgh ain’t exactly the toast of the National League. We can beat ’em.

At the same time, the Pirates are on a 5 game losing streak. This never bodes well. It isn’t likely they’ll lose another three in a row. And they know they can beat the Cubs. *Worried frowny face.*

Players To Watch

-Andrew McCutcheon: Young Mr. McCutcheon is a large part of the reason that the Buccos aren’t pushovers any longer. Igh! He has been smothering the Cubs all year, so look out. If I were one of our pitchers, I wouldn’t be touching the guy with a 10-foot pole.

-Garret Jones: Mr. Jones has hurt the Cubs, too. He also has a nice face, so…

-Carlos Zambrano: Big Z is set to make his anticipated return to the rotation this series. I am expecting at least 2 1/2 no-hitters in his first start back. Not to mention a grand slam that lands in the Allegheny River. On the fly.

-Andrew Cashner: *Sniff* Smells like rookie! What does rookie smell like? A cross between a new car, fresh mud puddles, and cookies.

-Randy Wells: I’m looking for a bounce-back from Randy. He can’t do worse than he did his last outing. Because it literally would not be possible!


Into the crystal ball I glimpse…

Game 2 is definitely getting rained out. I don’t have to check the forecast. I have a crystal ball. The ball doesn’t say anything about Marlon Byrd taking out the Pirate Parrot, but I wish it would.


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