Yesterday in Poetic Review

There seemed to be an abundance of noteworthy events taking place yesterday, and I was at something of a loss as to what I should write about today. Ignoring those happenings (even for a day) doesn’t seem right.

I’m sorry to inflict my sad skills upon you, but here are my summings-up, in poetry form.


On the Perfecto That Wasn’t

Galarraga had a perfect game

Yet the official list won’t bear his name

My Twitter-feed is all aflame

A contrite umpire is to blame

Such a shame, it’s such a shame.


On the retirement of a Great, in haiku form

Titan of our youths

Is passing into legend

Here’s to you, Junior.


On a PPD game

The Cubs and Pirates got rained oot

And I don’t think anyone gave a hoot.


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