The FBB’s Official Guide to the MLB Draft

Break out the party hats and noisemakers! It’s DRAFT DAY (also known as “Christmas” in the college and high school baseball worlds.) I know that the draft officially began yesterday, but the first round is for highly touted hot-shots who will spend the next two months negotiating their multimillion dollar signing bonuses. Bryce Harper? Yawn. It doesn’t get good til a bit later on.

I will be camped out at my computer today, following MLB’s draft tracker and listening to the live audio feed. I hope oodles of folks will be joining me from afar. Here is my original guide for Draft-Watching!

1. If you’re a fan of collegiate baseball like I am, you will want a good stash of celebration cookies close at hand for when someone you know gets selected. A cell-phone is another must, so you can text word of the happy news to everyone you know!

2. Take note of the voices of the people who call out selections for each team. Who sounds enthusiastic rounds 2 through 38? Who enunciates even the simplest names with utmost caution? Who sounds like they wish someone would shoot them already?

3. Draw on yourself! I plan on using some of the time to refresh my Blackhawks play-off arm art.

4. Keep track of your favorite team’s selections! Google the young men and play the scouting game (have all your family and/or friends write down projections for the players and bury them in your backyard. In 5 years, dig them up again and see whose predictions were most accurate! Include a prize to add to the excitement!)

5. During those slower periods, you can learn to make Origami paper cranes… by the end, you’ll have dozens with which to decorate your home or give away as gifts!

6. Moniker madness! Write down the funniest and most unusual names called! You will have a blast doing it!

7. Tune into my Twitterfeed (@LizzyKipps) if you’re interested in knowing my every thought. If you are NOT interested in knowing my every thought, you definitely do not want to be following me on Twitter.


I’d like to add just a few thoughts on the Cubs first round pick, Southern Arkansas pitcher Hayden Simpson. As soon as his name was announced, cries of outrage were resounding throughout the World Wide Web (and in a few living rooms, I imagine.) I could hardly believe it. The reason for the outcry was only that Mr. Simpson was not rated so high on the lists of Baseball America and other “experts.” I was delighted that we picked someone whom the MLB Network guys seemed to know nothing about. Numbers, of course, never tell the whole story, but when I investigated the young man’s stats there was nothing in them to suggest that he was not a fine pick. I, for one, welcome Mr. Simpson into the Cubs family with arms outstretched. How can you not be on the side of a kid who rocked out socks like these?


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