Weeks 11 & 12 in Review (Sort of, not really)

I have pretty much been on a blog-cation for the past two weeks. I haven’t been bothered in the least about planning, writing, or material-collecting, and have in large part been tuned out of the goings on in baseball land. This review of the last two weeks is really more a review of the two major league games I attended in that span…

June 15th, Wrigley Field, Athletics @ Cubs

MVPs of the game: The grounds-crew, who collectively said “Rain delay, schmain delay” and got the field into playing condition. They deservedly received the evening’s loudest ovations.

Game highlights: There weren’t many to choose from, as the Cubs lost in embarrassing fashion. But it was a thrill to see Rebel-alum Brad Ziegler pitch at Wrigley, and a Tyler Colvin home run.

Thumbs down: The institution of at bat walk-up songs for Cubs players is very disappointing. If Gary Pressey can’t play it, I don’t wanna hear it.

Thumbs down even farther: The “fans” who were booing Derrek Lee ought to have been forcibly removed from the ballpark.

Say what? : I barely even realized that we got to witness Conor Jackson’s debut as an ‘A.’ I heard his name mentioned in some capacity before the game, but it didn’t register for some reason. I was thinking he was a minor-league call up or some such thing. But I DO know who Mr. Jackson is, and I rather like him. Because, y’know, his dad was on JAG and stuff.

Why I feel upbeat about what was, in fact, an error-filled, rain-delayed Cubs loss: Victor Hugo, in Les Miserables, said that “To breathe the air of Paris preserves the soul.” I don’t know about Paris, but that is essentially how I feel about Wrigley Field. I don’t get to visit often, which might be a good thing. I hope never to take for granted the fact that we’ve got a beautiful little gem of a ballpark.

June 23rd, Nationals Park, Royals @ Nats

On the fourth day of Strasmas: Mr. S recorded his first hit! Also, his first loss! The latter will be so much more special in our memories when he finishes his career 428-3.

I’m melllttiiinnngggg!: Unfortunately, the numbers on the thermometer that afternoon were even higher than those the radar gun was flashing. In fact, the heat index was up over 100. Being out of doors in such sweltering heat for such an extended period of time (6+ hours) made it nearly impossible to enjoy any part of the day.

Not that anyone noticed, but…: Kansas City’s Brian Bannister really outpitched the Nationals’ phenom. And my second favorite American League Central closer (the chipmunky Joakim Soria) notched another save.

My heartfelt sympathies to: The individuals who must have been absolutely cooking inside those president mascot costumes. I do not believe that running around in one of those things on such a day could possibly be healthy or safe.

Thanks for the giggles: Royals relief-men Bruce Chen and Anthony Lerew were in high spirits despite the weather. They made me like them… Mr. Lerew deserves some sort of award for his hair alone.

+ A lot of cool points: Pudge Rodriguez, Cristian Guzman, Jordan Zimmerman. Congenial and obliging autograph signers, all. You gentlemen made the day for my brother and me.


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