Name That Rookie!

While perusing Google Images yesterday for a feature I originally intended to have today, I found a photo (#5, below) of great intrigue. It gave me an idea I fancied even better than what I had planned. (Sorry folks… worst hair and facial hair in the major leagues will have to wait.)

The idea is to try and identify the major league player from the photo on his rookie card. I have obscured the names on the images that follow… Some of them are really easy (yet just as fun,) others are more challenging, as long as you haven’t seen the cards before. All are names you should know. Look for the answers in the tag section under the post. Enjoy!



That stache isn’t fooling anybody.

#2:Look at that face! Gah! So young. So, so young.

#3: Hard to figure out? No. Amusing? Yes indeed.

#4:Only one dude’s old enough to have a card from that set…

#5: He should really go back to this look.

#6Personally, I would not have known who this was in a million trillion years. Of course, I had prior to this point been ignorant of the fact that this man spent 5 years in a Kansas City Royals uniform.

If, like me, you stupidly¬† did not know this and need a hint, here is a quote about this person from about five years ago: “[He] looks like Jesus, acts like Judas, and throws like Mary.”

#7I saved my favorite for last. Somehow, this guy is exactly the same and completely different all at once.


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