Wildcard Wednesday: All-Starry Night

While last evening’s All Star Game was riddled with a million little things that made me want to throw forks and spoons at the television set, it was also the best Midsummer Classic I’ve ever watched. The NL at last ended that 14 year streak, thanks in no small part to lone Cub rep Marlon Byrd, and my favorite major-league catcher, Brian McCann. Kudos and kisses to those fellas.

Here are a couple of quotes from last night:

“I’m going to host the whole thing. … I’m going to host it—have some fun, smile, kiss some babies.” -Torii Hunter, of the host LA Angels of A

“Catchers know. He can bang. He can flat-out rake, and the reason he doesn’t get noticed very much is because he’s that good of a catcher. Good catchers don’t get noticed. That’s the job, and he’s just out there every year, getting it done and being one of the best in the game.” -John Buck (Toronto)

“Marlon made a good throw to second and it was a great play. It was the only play he had. If that ball gets by him, it would have been second and third with one out. I’m happy for Marlon. He deserves it. I’m proud of him.” -Brandon Phillips (Cincinnati)

“I don’t like the Cubs. And I’m not going to pat anybody with a Cubs uniform on the back.” -Joey Votto (Cincinnati)

Mr. Phillips > Mr. Votto

And now, here are a bunch of pictures. Because I’m lazy and don’t feel like writing any more.

Rays 3B Evan Longoria and family in the pre-game parade thing.

Jose Valverde… shudder. He just looks like a villain.

Peekaboo, Jason Heyward!

How nice that they let this poor little crippled boy onto the field! Oh, wait…

People need to quit booing the Yankees. See? Even A’s closer Andrew Bailey there in the background thinks it’s funny.

The very All-Starriest of All Stars.

Byrd = Wyrd.

He done done us proud.

At last! A happy ending for the National League. Let’s do it again next year, y’all!


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