Week Fifteen in Review

Who enjoyed the all star break? I know the average Cubs fan did, and I can’t say that I’m an exception. Here’s your friendly neighborhood recap from the break and beyond.

Around the Majors…

Cliff Lee is a Yankee!!! … Oh, wait…. wait a minute. Never mind. He’s a Ranger now, actually.

Return of a Killer B : Jeff Bagwell has taken on the duties of hitting coach in Houston. For what it’s worth.

Farväl : Twas a sad week for New Yorkers, as the Yankee family lost both beloved former PA announcer Bob Sheppard and legendary team owner George Steinbrenner. Condolences.

Hey! Hey! : David Ortiz managed to edge out Hanley Ramirez for the Home Run Derby crown. My money was on Jose Bautista. Unfortunately, he didn’t participate.

Slutligen! : The NL was finally able to break free of the AL’s All Star stranglehold! Feels good, don’t it?

Äntligen! : If you’ve yet to see this article/video about local-ish boy Erik Kratz’s first big league call-up, here’s your chance. Caution: It is very heart warming.

Rött huvud varning! : Remember former Cubs outfielder Matt Murton? You’d better. Well, Matt is playing in Japan now, and is tearing it up over there. This news made me happy. I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

No more ouchies! : I just read (literally) that Mat Latos hurt himself holding back a sneeze. I have always heard that this was possible, and now I know it’s true. We’ve all been fairly warned now. Don’t hold back… if you need to sneeze, let it go.

And as for the Cubs…

Super hero of the week: Dun dun da dun dun dun! Marlon Byrd is probably the super heroiest super hero the Cubs have had all year. His All Star heroics made us particularly proud this week.

Rumors are flying: Will Ted Lilly be a Met? Will Derrek Lee be an Angel? Will Jim Hendry and/or Lou Piniella still be employed before and/or after the season is over??? There is no telling.

The future isn’t now just yet, but hopefully it will be soon: The Cubs had two prospects in MLB’s futures game on Sunday, Korean shortstop Hak-Ju Lee, and Berklian outfielder Brett Jackson. I didn’t see the game, so I can’t actually give you any pertinent information about it. But I thought I’d mention it just the same.

Chicago’s Hjärtanskär: Andrew Cashner won hearts the North Side over with his plunking of the Dodgers’ Blake DeWitt. In the wake of Vicente Padilla’s hitting the lovable Marlon Byrd, it was a very teamy thing to do. Keep it up, Cash.


I hope everyone will have a happy weekend, tune in again next week, and- most of all- pardon my Swedish.


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