Saying Goodbye: Ryan Theriot

Quick note from the writer: It is my intention to keep all “Saying Goodbye” posts free of my opinions on trades themselves, or of their ramifications, etc., The purpose of these posts is purely to commemorate the player who is leaving us, to summarize what he has meant to the Cubs (and perhaps to me personally) during his tenure. In a word, “Saying Goodbye” is concerned with the past, not the future and/or present.

Remember when Ryan Theriot was first coming up, back in 2006? He was like a like a tiny glimmer of light in the inky black abyss of that season. There was a game in September or August, I think, when the Cubs were down 6 or 7 runs to the Dodgers as late as the 6th inning. They came back and stunned everyone by winning. It was probably the best game of the year. Ryan scored the tying run on a shallow sac fly to J.D. Drew. It was the first time I took notice of him. At that point, and continuing into the next few years, Cubs fans were crazy about “The Riot” (don’t pretend otherwise!)

Sadly, our diminutive middle-infielder’s questionable baserunning skills and overly agressive approach at the plate caught up with him. Helped on, I do not doubt, by the fact that the team in general has been bad these last two years, sizable chunks of Cubs nation turned on Mr. Theriot. Very few folks that I know of are sad to see him go, now.

I am not of the same opinion as the masses. I’m not a muddle of tears and mucus, but I am hardly rejoicing at his departure. We had some good times with the Riot as our shortstop, we really did. He is a total mimbo, and thus great fun to laugh at. He hit copious amounts of singles. I mean, he was really good at hitting singles. Poo-poo this skill if you will, but people seem to think that Ichiro Suzuki is the best thing since calculator watches, and all he does is hit singles. A few years back, I sort of named my baby turtle after Mr. Theriot. Riot “the rally turtle” was quite a cool, feisty little guy. Had he been a baseball player, I think he would have been similar to his namesake (a better baserunner, but similar yet.)

To summarize, I certainly bear Ryan no ill-will, and will remember him fondly. Even if nobody else does.

In lieu of a goodbye video, I’m just gonna put this one up. Because it blooming cute.


2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye: Ryan Theriot

  1. We’re together on this. I’m not upset that he’s gone, I know he isn’t one of the elite shorstops in the league, but he played hard, if not always smart, and I wish him all the best.

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