Movie Monday: Pie Edition

We have fun in New Market, Virginia, y’all.

A few weeks ago, Rebels starting pitcher Blaine Sims threw a complete game shutout. Strawberry shortcake just happened to be the dessert of choice for the team’s postgame meal, and so there just happened to be whipped cream present. A plot was hatched, and carried out to perfection.

This brings us to last night’s game… Mr. Sims not only pitched a gem to help capture the Rebels a spot in the postseason, he got picked up to play professionally in the Atlanta Braves organization! Coincidentally, there once again happened to be whipped cream at hand. This time, our coaching staff was targeted, too.

All joking aside, FBB congratulations out to the New Market Rebels and especially to Blaine Sims! Good luck, guys!


3 thoughts on “Movie Monday: Pie Edition

  1. Hahaha!!! Whipped cream pies in the face…that is the greatest! I wish I could’ve been there to see it and hear it all and laugh! 🙂

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