“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

I hate to get mushy on y’all, but… my sentimentality always peaks at this time of year. After two months of watching our Rebels play, cheering them on, following them on the road, and (in my family’s case) cooking their dinners, last night the time came to say goodbye.

The Rebels put up a mediocre 19-25 regular season record, and were quickly dispatched from the playoffs by the powerhouse Haymarket Senators. We’ve had better years in New Market, in terms of on-the-field success, but I can think of few seasons that I had more fun watching. In my mind, the greatest difference between the Major Leagues and a league like this is that winning isn’t everything. I don’t mean to suggest that winning isn’t important here, only that it is possible to have a 19-25 season, get swept out of the postseason, and somehow still enjoy it to bits.

I could probably muster up another 16,000 words memorializing the 2010 Rebels, but I’m going to leave you with some pictures (worth at least a thousand words apiece) instead. And a song, of course. I offer my personal thanks to the team for all their entertainingness and hard work, and wish the truest of blessings to each one in the coming years.

Photographs are courtesy of Anna Kipps and have been used without her permission. Please don’t tell.

The wavy rally circle.

Kenny, fishin’ for runs.

The sticking-cups-to-the-coaches-heads thing might be one of my favorite memories from this season.

Players get some words of wisdom from Mo Weber, the Legend of the Valley.

Our trusty third baseman Kevin Brown shows off some leather.

Second baseman Trey Karlen kept things loose. To say in the least.

Second-year Rebel pitcher Jake Guengrich reads to some children during the 10th annual “Reading With The Rebels” event put on by the New Market Library.

One of the joys of living in a small town is running home after the 4th of July parade to watch everything come by again on the back street.

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb saying that the VBL’s most valuable horse was New Market’s own El Diablo (seen here with master Tony Hearrell.)

Our bullpen was so very modest. Those guys would never even think hamming it up for a camera. Cough.

The most spoiled bullpen in the league, eating my homemade popsicles.

It ain’t much of a stretch to say that right-fielder Jordan Owen was our MVP this year. Here he is hitting a grand slam in Winchester.

’09 returnee Kenny Mickens should win league MVS… most valuable smile.

Starting position players (minus Jordan Owen), clockwise from top left: Trey Karlen (2B), Kenny Mickens (LF), Joe Maloney (C), Jason Coker (SS), Kevin Brown (3B), Brent Mikionis (1B), Rusty Smith (CF)

New Market always has the best sox in the VBL.


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