Saying Goodbye: Mike Fontenot

Here is a quick late-night post to bid a fond farewell to Michael Eugene Fontenot. Post trade-deadline trades are always horribly sneaky, so I am whipping this up on the spot.

I am sure that Mike Fontenot gets sick of people going on about his height, but it is probably my favorite thing about him. It didn’t surprise Cubs fans, after he’d been with us awhile, when he’d come up and hit a jack. But the world at large always seemed shocked that a little guy could hit home runs. I loved the fact that Font was “Little Babe Ruth,” breaking down stereotypes of the diminutive. Loved it. I will miss his littleness.

I used to think Font something of a weirdo, and didn’t love him for it. I changed my mind earlier this year, though. He received rave reviews from some Pittsburgh autograph hounds, and those people are typically: A. Very gossipy, and B. Harsh judges. If they say nice things about someone, that person is probably a pretty good egg. The next day we discovered for ourselves in Cincinnati that Font was pretty much as good an egg as the dudes in Pittsburgh claimed he was. He was more than gracious to my sister and me.

So… goodbye Fontie, and best of luck in San Francisco. When I remember you, it will be with a loving smirk.


One thought on “Saying Goodbye: Mike Fontenot

  1. I was sad to hear that the Cubbies had traded Fontenot. I told Mom, “The Little Babe Ruth is gone.” *sniff* I wish him the best, and I hope that he can get more playing time! 🙂

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