“That’s just hair-ible!” Part I

Babies haven’t any hair:
Old men’s heads are just as bare;
From the cradle to the grave
Lies a haircut and a shave.


Anyone who watches professional baseball knows that there are some disturbingly awful hair and facial-hair stylings in the major leagues. Because I am very brave, I have deigned to select the worst of the worst and present them here for you. This is to be the first of two installments.

Without further ado, I give you the 10th through 6th worst looks in Major League Baseball.


#10. Matt Garza: Plenty of Major Leaguers opt for the chin-animal look. They all look horrible, but the reason I picked Mr. Garza over some of the others is that most of the others wouldn’t look that much better without it. Mr. Garza looks much much better without it. I don’t know what he is thinking.

#9. Andrew McCutcheon: Again, plenty of Major Leaguers have gone with a similar hairstyle. What bothers me about Andrew McCutcheon is the way he gathers it in a bunch at the back of his head. Ew.

#8. Brian Wilson: Mr. Wilson has been helped along on this list by the fact that he has a very bad history. Or should I say, a very hairy history! Ha! Ha! Ha! Get it?

#7. Corey Hart:

Oh… whoops! Wrong image. My apologies.

There we go.

#6. Chase Utley: Just plain icky. And like Mr. Garza, Mr. Utley could be doing a lot better for himself.

That about does it for today… look for Part II to be coming soon!


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