“We’ll manage!” Part 3: Bob Brenly

Over the last week or two, I have been offering my views on the Cubs managerial candidates (take a look at parts one and two, in case you weren’t around!) This is part three, featuring the Cubs’ current TV color man…

Contestant #3: Bob Brenly

Bob Brenly! Come on doooown!!!

Fans have come to admire BB’s unapologetic honesty on the air, but is he fit to be our manager? Let’s take a looksee…

The Pros:

-Having been employed as a Cubs broadcaster since 2005, Bob is already familiar with the team and the whole Chicago scene. No initiation required.

-He led the Arizona Diamondbacks to glory in 2001, so we know he has what it takes.

-He is a former catcher, which is always a plus in my book.

-We wouldn’t have to listen to his marital advice any longer!

-If Bob was the manager and his son Michael made it up to the Cubs, that would be the most adorable story ever. You know it would.

The Cons:

-No more Len and Bob. That would be sad.

-His name doesn’t rhyme with “Syne Randberg.” I don’t count this point against Mr. Brenly, but a lot of people would.

The Bottom Line:

If Bob were given the job, I wouldn’t have any complaints. I had trouble trying to come up with legit points for the “Con” list, as I’m sure you can tell. He’d be a fine choice, in my opinion, but I’m not under the impression that he is a front runner at this point.


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