“We’ll manage!” Part 4: Joe Girardi

This will be the last installment in the managerial candidate series. There are more candidates, but I cannot seriously imagine any of them being awarded the position. Joe Girardi still stands in my mind as a viable possibility, and will be our final “contestant.”

Joe Girardi, come on down!

Is the former Cubs catcher the right man for the job? Let’s weigh the good and bad…

The Pros:

-Won one World Series title (and counting) managing the Yankees, so he must be doing something right.

-Would come already “Chicago proof.”

-Is a friend to motorists in distress.

-Former catcher.

-Comes with Kerry Wood stamp of approval.

-Won Manager of the Year award in 2006, when his team had a winning percentage of .481. How do you do that?!?!

-Looks like a manager. No, really. He does.


-Who in their right mind would want to go from the Yankees to the Cubs???

He is possibly an undercover Sith Lord.

-I had a third negative, but I forget what it was.

The Bottom Line:

I’d take him.


4 thoughts on ““We’ll manage!” Part 4: Joe Girardi

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  2. If you listen to some Yankee fans, he is the worst thing since Judas. Of course we know how intelligent some Yankees’ fans can be (this is coming from one). Anyhoo, I hope that he doesn’t use the Cubs as a bargaining chip in his next contract negotiations for a variety of reasons; mainly because I think that would be in poor taste and wrong to treat the Cubs.

    Did I tell you I am going to the first home playoff game next week? Hopefully it plays out the way I want and perhaps, just perhaps, a clincher!

  3. Haha… Andrew was just telling us yesterday about the “brilliant” comments one of “those” Yankee fans on a radio call-in show. I think every fanbase has some of those.

    I certainly hope that Mr. G wouldn’t use the Cubs either… he doesn’t strike me as the unethical sort.

    Hope you have a great time at that playoff game and that it pans out the way you’d like! : )

  4. I like Mr. Joe Girardi. Who knows if he’ll be the manager, but I still like him. 🙂 He is a nice fellow (this I know from the Cubs convention the one time I was invited to go). I will also never forget the day that the Cardinals with playing the Cubs, and one of the Cardinal players died that day. The game was canceled after all the fans were there, and both teams nominated Joe Girardi to announce it to the crowd. A good guy (and I believe he is a believer). Good post!

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