Your 2010 Chicago Cubs: A Look Back

I can’t count the number of times during 2010 when I heard someone say, “[Fill in the blank] has been the only good thing about this Cubs season.” Or, “[Fill in the blank] has been the only bright spot this year.” The funny thing is, there were about  five or six different things that filled in the blanks. Truthfully, there were at least five good things about the Cubs 2010 season.

Now that the season is over, I imagine that the average Cubs blogger will be dwelling on the bad things (Heaven knows there were plenty of them) and what needs to be done to remedy them. I want to dedicate at least this one post to the not bad stuff.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Sean Marshall

Our lefty set-up man was solid as a rock, compiling a 2.65 ERA in 74.2 innings pitched, with 22 holds. He was also the Cubs nominee for the Roberto Clemente award. Hard to beat that.

2. Carlos Marmol

Some people would complain that Mr. Marmol’s control is too erratic for him to ever be considered a good closer. Personally, I think 38 saves in 43 opportunities is pretty solid, and I’ll take that 52-to-138 walk-to-strikeout ratio. 138 strikeouts is a record number for a reliever in one season. Also, his WHIP was 1.18 and opponents only hit .147 off of him. Yep. I’ll take that any day of the week.

3. All the ‘C’ rookies

Tyler Colvin. Starlin Castro. Andrew Cashner. Casey Coleman. The Cubs may not have led the National League in many categories, but I’ll wager no one else came close in production of young talent with names that begin with the letter “C.”

4. Ryan Dempster

Remember when he was the closer that everyone hated? Me neither.

5. Geovany Soto

He was a bit mishandled early in the season, but if you were not pleased with the bounce-back from 2009 that Geo had, then pooh-pooh to you.

6. Marlon Byrd

I saved the best for last. Dear Marlon… clear-cut team MVP, our lone All-Star representative, instigator of the celebratory outfield hug, center-fielder extraordinaire. I severely chastise myself (and any other fans) who may have ever doubted him, because he was one of the best things about the Cubs in 2010.


One thought on “Your 2010 Chicago Cubs: A Look Back

  1. Good, positive wrap-up! 🙂 Hurray for the C’s and all the other +s of 2010. Ready for spring training to start? 😉

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