Merry Cliffmas & Happy Halladay!

What better way to celebrate my 200th post than by heralding the incomparable Roy Halladay on a historical achievement? Huzzah! In his inaugural playoff appearance, “Doc” has hurled just the second postseason no-hitter in baseball history! Not to mention his second of this year.

Anyone who read my post from earlier today is aware that I am no Phillies fan. But on occasions such as this, it is impossible not to throw one’s biases to the wayside. I have always held Mr. Halladay in high regard, and congratulate him most sincerely on this accomplishment. This is what we watch baseball for, is it not?

That smile makes ME smile.

Cliff Lee turned in a fine performance for Texas this afternoon (keep-a-rollin’, Rangers!) and in this, “the year of the pitcher,” it is to be hoped we’ll see a few more gems. None, though, is likely to match this.


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