2010 World Series Preview

30 teams, 4,860 regular season games, 27 postseason games, and it has all come down to this. Two teams; the Rangers and the Giants. Only one can prevail. Who has four wins left in the tank? Ladies and gentlemen, THE WORLD SERIES IS UPON US!

Before I go any farther, let me just offer my sincere congratulations to the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers and all of their fans. Neither team was favored to make it this far and I am looking forward to watching this underdoggy-ish World Series more than I have any match-up in a long time.

I came awfully to close to prediction perfection in the division and championship series, with only Philadelphia letting me down. I can live with that, however, as it means that the Phillies have 0% chance of winning another championship.

I’ll be sticking with my original prediction for Series champs. The Giants may have a nightmare inducing (for hitters) pitching staff and home-field advantage, but I believe that the Rangers offense (which have given AL pitchers a few bad dreams of their own) will be able to come out on top. Not to even mention their having a not-so-secret weapon by the name of Cliff Lee. In short, I feel that Texas has the most well-rounded roster of the two. I feel that they will take the series in… less than 7 games, but more than 4. You can write that down, and if I’m right… well, I think that’s worth at least half a jar of Nutella.

It is, of course, baseball. Anything in the world might happen, and that is why they play the games and why we watch them.

Two additional (and very important) points to take into deep consideration:

The Cub Factor. The Giants camp contains no less than 3 former Chicago Cubs players (Mike Fontenot, Andres Torres, and Mark DeRosa) in comparison to the Rangers’ one (Andres Blanco.) This usually portends doom. You could argue that neither Mr. Torres nor Mr. DeRo count. You could do that. But… I ain’t gonna. Therefore: doom.

VBL Power! Possibly negating the Cub factor, San Francisco comes out well on top in the Valley League alumni department. Texas has zero former VBL’ers that I am aware of. The Giants have Aubrey Huff (a one-time Staunton Brave) at first base and- most importantly- 1996 New Market Rebel Javier Lopez in the bullpen. Never underestimate VBL Power.

I really love this match-up because, either way it goes, I will be able to find things to be happy about. For example….

If the Rangers win, I will be happy because:

-I will have picked the winner.

-I will be able to join in the Texas joy with a glass of celebratory ginger-ale from my living room.

-There are only so many instances in which posting the following illustration would be so appropriate: -I’m sure I would be hearing Josh Hamilton talk a lot, and I like hearing Josh Hamilton talk.

If the Giants win, I will be happy because:

-Nobody (besides, perhaps, a few zealous Giants fans) predicted such a thing at the beginning of the year.

-I will get to see Buster Posey make this face again: -However awkward the 2011 ceremony might be, Bengie Molina will still get a ring.

-Even though I’m rooting for Texas, seeing the likes of Mike Fontenot, Mark DeRosa, Pablo Sandoval, Freddy Sanchez, etc., all happy would not fail to make me all happy.

Whatever happens, I hope that everyone will be watching the Series and enjoying. I know I will.



One thought on “2010 World Series Preview

  1. I agree on all acounts! I’ll be happy with whichever team wins (especially since neither of them is a long-standing power in the World Series, like the Yankees, etc.) 🙂

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