Seeing Double: Back in Action!

Because it is the middle of November and there is nothing better to do, I am very happy to bring you another edition of The FBB’s MLB look-a-likes! Yay! I think I’ve found a few winners in this batch, but you tell me.


Kevin Mench : Ricky Gervais. The photographic support could be stronger on this one. All I can tell you is when my sister and I saw Mr. Mench in the flesh in Washington, we were both struck by his strong resemblance to Mr. Gervais.

Mark Buehrle : Gerard Butler. Is this just me?

This isn’t just me. Dodgers catcher Russell Martin and Entourage actor Jerry Ferrara could be the same person and we wouldn’t know it.

I think of Carlos Quentin every time one of those State Farm commercials with this guy comes on.

Wes Helms : Will Ferrell. Yes?

Len Kasper : Jason Gray-Stanford / Bob Brenly : Ted Levine. Seeing quadruple! This is my favorite.


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