“…Every night will end, and every day will start- With a grateful prayer and a thankful heart.”

Perhaps some of you have noticed this, but I am infatuated with lists. I adore writing up a good list. I use ’em as often as I can get away with here at The FBB. Since Thanksgiving is upon us, what else would I do but compile a list of a few of the things I am grateful for? I hope the rest of you will take time to do the same. We’re all of us more blessed than we realize.

I am thankful for:




-Good pens.

-Pink Ted Lilly baseball cards.




-Cool people, like Josh Hamilton, winning cool awards, like MVP.

-The written word. I’ve read some good books (and blogs, for that matter) this year. I am thankful that there are a lot of people out there who do what they do better than I.

-The warmth that being surrounded by family on Thanksgiving day brings. And by “warmth” I do not just mean a happy, pleasant feeling inside… I mean the actual physical warmth which is generated when a large number of people congregate in an enclosed space. I am thankful for the happy, pleasant feeling inside, too.

-Baby sloths. No, seriously. I may have to declare the baby sloth as the official mascot of this blog. It’s been a year… I think it’s about time I got a mascot.

-YOU. Yes, you. Whoever you may be.


How ’bout everybody else? What are YOU thankful for? I want to know!


6 thoughts on ““…Every night will end, and every day will start- With a grateful prayer and a thankful heart.”

  1. BABY SLOTH! Man, now my blog just seems way less awesome because it doesn’t have any sort of mascot. Maybe I’ll just say my mascot is a Fighting Ham! (One of the 134687925974 times I wish I could draw! *shakes fist*)

    A few things I’m thankful for:

    – baseball
    – our service men and women
    – coffee houses that carry coconut flavor
    – mah brainz
    – living in a time where ladies like us can have baseball blogs!

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