Happy New Year!

Just two things today… two quick little things.

First: Happy New Year, lovelies! I am excited for a new year  of writing sweet nothings about the game we all love. I sort of been slacking off for the past month or so, but I plan to get back on track now that 2011 is underway.

Second: As a token of my commitment to soldiering on in this oft-unrewarding bloggy universe, I’ve decided to take a wee plunge and purchase my own domain name.  As you should be able to see, I am no longer http://fairbaseballist.wordpress.com, but simply http://thefairbaseballist.com. I also plan on getting some business cards. These are small (and to you, dear readers, probably very unenthusing) steps, but I definitely feel a bit more legit now.


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