UGGHH! (Oh… and welcome to Chicago, Matt Garza.)

So much for my dreams of a Cubs organization based on the development of promising young players from within.

Trading away the farm (and I mean that in a very literal sense) ain’t the prescription for success, in my opinion, and that is what my darling Cubbie bears have just done. The Rays (who are probably laughing liking bandits about now) will send Matt Garza and 2 nameless minor leaguers to Chicago, while the Cubs will send a package of prospects ripe for the plucking to Tampa. The deal includes pitcher Chris Archer (our #1 prospect, according to Baseball America), infielder Hak-Ju Lee (#3 according to BA), Brandon Guyer (#10) and the well-regarded Robinson Chirinos. Not to mention Sam Fuld, who, while obviously not the most important piece of our puzzle, has always held a place in my heart. That strange sound you’re hearing right about now is me gnashing my teeth.

I mean no disrespect to Matt Garza. He is a fine pitcher, and I will almost certainly end up loving him. Heaven knows I can’t resist a baseball player with a muppet face. It is not my intention to deride his merits. I have nothing against Matt. I welcome him to the Windy City. I will cheer for him when he pitches. Etc., etc.,

But I can’t help thoroughly grieved at the loss of these young, promising farmboys. Mr. Archer and Mr. Lee, in particular. I had very high hopes for the both of them. Never got the chance to even do a Farmboy Files write-up for Hak-Ju. *Sniff*
I wish all four the best of everything in the Rays organization. I have no doubt they’ll flourish into well-rounded players who will help their team win ballgames.


One thought on “UGGHH! (Oh… and welcome to Chicago, Matt Garza.)

  1. Oh, I didn’t realize that Sam Fuld was one of the ones that was traded! *Sniff* You know Mr. Fuld has always been a favorite for me too. We’ll never forget some of his amazing catches, and of course, I’ll never forget your “announcing” of him after he was called up! 😉

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