Saying Goodbye: Sam Fuld

You didn’t think I was going to forget, didja?

Others may say what they wish about Sam Fuld. I always liked him. The moment he made that brilliant leaping catch into the ivy, back in ’07 when he was first called up, I said to myself, I said, “I like him.”

I continued to like him for the same reason. That first gem wasn’t just some sort of fluke. It was practically an everyday occurrence when Sam was in the field. His bat may not always have been there, but there is no denying the magicalness of his glove.

Say, are the outfield walls padded in Tampa? Because, if they are, Sam Fuld’s life expectancy just rose by a couple of years.

Here’s wishing you even more abundant web gems and such with your new team, Sammy. I salute you.


One thought on “Saying Goodbye: Sam Fuld

  1. I will greatly miss Sam Fuld! He was a nice fellow, and I always loved his amazing catches! I hope he does well with his new team as well. (By the way, I loved the life expectancy line! 🙂 It made me laugh!)

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