“I am moved to make a suggestion. Why, I do not know.”

First off:  The 26th annual Cubs Convention commences this evening, and everyone and his brother is supposed to be there (note: when I say “everyone and his brother” what [who] I really mean is Todd Walker. TODD WALKER!!!) Though I will once again be looking on from afar, you can expect full Cubbie Con coverage here next week.

The only other thing I have to add (before I skip off into the weekend sunset) is that I am determined to start petitioning for more reader participation here at the FBB. Of course, it would probably help to actually have more readers, but I can’t help that. Can I?

Anywho, post comments are always welcomed with open arms. I would love to hear ideas, criticisms, or whatever input you may have. I have a fever and the only prescription is more feedback!* I’ve gone so far as to set up an email account solely for blog use. The address is ekipps@thefairbaseballist.com. I want to hear from YOU. Consider the FBB suggestion box open and ready for business.

*You’d probably like it if I quit saying things like that… wouldn’t you?


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